Mathew Portell

Mathew Portell is the CEO/Founder of the Trauma-Informed Educators Network, a former Principal, podcaster, writer, and international speaker.


Mathew Portell utilizes his experience as an educator, administrator, podcaster, writer, and international speaker to impact education globally as an innovator and pioneer of trauma-informed education. As the principal of Fall-Hamilton Elementary in Nashville, TN, his team utilized the most current neuroscience to transform the school into an international model school for trauma-informed practices.

Portell founded the Trauma Informed Educators Network, a global network of over 32,000 practitioners, which he supports with a weekly podcast and yearly conference, which has been coined a gathering where #DisruptersUnite. The TIENetwork has a dynamic team supporting organizations, districts, and schools to start or enhance their trauma-informed journeys through professional learning and coaching.  

Mathew’s passion and experience have made him a globally sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator. He is also currently the Director of Education and Outreach at PACEs Connection; Portell supports cross-sector community collaboration to inform and support the development of resilient and trauma-informed communities. Portell has received several recognitions for his work, but the most notable was the Elementary Principal of the Year in 2021 for Metro Nashville Public Schools, which serves nearly 90,000 students.

He is a proud graduate of Tennessee State University, where he received his B.A. and M. Ed. He completed his administrative licensure at Trevecca University and trauma and resilience certifications one and two from Florida State University.

Mathew Portell

Trauma-Resilient Professional, Educational Leader, Podcaster, Writer, and International Speaker

Personal Statement

Hello, it's Mathew! We must engage in new ways of thinking and operating in education, what we have always done is not working for ALL kids. TREC reimagines a new better reality for ourselves, our students, and our community, where everyone is valued.