Ebony Wiley-Campbell

Ebony Wiley-Campbell is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion trainer and a Restorative Justice trainer. Mentoring and tutoring high school, charter school, and college students supporting changing their stories, inside and outside of the classrooms.


The prolific Octavia Butler stated, “All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you.” For over a decade, I’ve had the honor of supporting high school, charter school and college students who were changing their stories via becoming graduates and gaining access to higher education and or the workforce, etc. My time as a tutor, mxntor, academic advisor, counselor, DEI trainer, coordinator and teaching a college course gives me a well rounded perspective in regards to understanding the vital support that students need inside and outside of the classroom. As the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)  Manager for Lifelong Learning, I‘ve had the pleasure of collaborating with TREC and seeing the positive effects on students and staff due to the intention and care TREC provides.  

There are multiple similarities with TREC that I hold true for myself. As a DEI practitioner, my work around supporting human dignity is centered around Identity Development, Growth Mindset and Crenshaw’s Intersectionality Theory, all while thinking critically about whose culture has capital based on theory by T.J. Yosso. Students should always feel like they belong amongst their peers and staff , so cultivating a sense of belonging through empathy and further engagement will be a top priority for me, especially when thinking about the relational impact on the next 7 Generations. Additionally, my bachelor's degree in Ethnic Studies, master's degree in Leadership Studies, certificate in Restorative Justice and three years doing advocacy work for the nonprofit, The Council for Opportunity in Education, will further aid the TREC Advisory Board via my knowledge gained.

During my tenure, I promise to be dedicated to continuing the positive growth that TREC has already started. As a proud first-generation college graduate and professional, this opportunity to serve others by adding to TREC’s legacy is a responsibility I am blessed to have.

Love and light.

Ebony Wiley-Campbell

Academic Advisor, Counselor, DEI Trainer, Restorative Justice Trainer

Personal Statement

Hello, it's Ebony! TREC values compassion, wellness and resilience, amongst other things that make me extremely proud to join the TREC Advisory Board. My values align with TREC to create space for radical love and compassionate service by establishing equitable and sustainable practices as commonplace for our communities. Students deserve to be seen as holistic beings in order to get the best care and TREC is an important part of centering their human dignity. This has the power to further transform education by creating a culture that understands the importance of support in ways that students truly need and deserve.