Dr. Summer Peterson, PhD

Dr. Summer Peterson has over twenty years experience in the educational field. Supporting Lifelong Learning Administration Corporation's national expansion, Summer is a driving force in curriculum and instruction, and learning and development.


Dr. Summer Peterson is a distinguished leader in the field of education, currently serving as the Vice President of Education Services for Lifelong Learning. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the education sector, Dr. Peterson has emerged as a driving force in curriculum and instruction, learning and development, and supporting the organization’s national expansion.

Dr. Peterson's academic journey culminated in the attainment of a Ph.D., with a specialized focus on trauma-informed practices and teacher retention. Her unwavering commitment to fostering nurturing and supportive educational environments has left a profound impact on both students and educators. More than half of her 20 years in education have been dedicated to serving opportunity youth, solidifying Dr. Peterson's role as a steadfast advocate for equitable education. Her work has been transformative in providing educational opportunities to underserved students, ensuring they have the tools to thrive.

Beyond her role as Vice President, Dr. Peterson's expertise has been recognized through her selection to participate in Stanford's ILC project for two years. During this time, she trained and supported teachers throughout Southern California in implementing Common Core standards, further establishing her status as an educational leader. Additionally, she was honored to become a fellow of the National Writing Project, highlighting her dedication to fostering effective writing instruction.

In her personal life, Dr. Peterson's background as a former Division I collegiate athlete underscores her commitment to discipline and teamwork, qualities she seamlessly integrates into her educational leadership. She is also a member of Rippleworks Leading Thriving Teams Peer Circles, showcasing her active involvement in initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the world. Dr. Summer Peterson's work and passion reflect her mission to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, have access to high-quality education and support systems that facilitate their growth and success. Her profound influence in the field of education continues to shape the future of learning, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence.

Dr. Summer Peterson, PhD

Educational leader, Ph.D. focused on trauma-informed practices and teacher retention, trainer in Southern CA on implementing Common Core Standards.

Personal Statement

Hi, it's Summer! The health of my behaviors, interactions, and relationships is a reflection of my personal well-being. TREC provides me the tools to be introspective and do the work needed so that I can positively contribute to the lives of those around me. It is not a program but a way of living that will continue to improve and transform my life.